Lessening the Digital Divide with Neat Experiences

Technology can never replace meeting someone in real life…but…

We communicate best through an interplay of speech, gestures, movement, observation and timing, using our senses to constantly shift focus and filter out distractions. Although these mannerisms are challenging to replicate, a collection of devices from Neat utilize technologies that edge continuously closer to lessening the digital divide between the physical and virtual, helping people engage in Zoom and Microsoft Teams more naturally than ever before.

Neat, founded in Oslo, Norway, designs simple and elegant pioneering video devices for Microsoft and Zoom, helping make the meeting space experience the best it can be.

Technologies that Make Zoom and Microsoft Teams Meetings Better

All of Neat’s video devices utilize video and audio technologies that really do make video meetings better.

Neat Symmetry

Focusing on whoever’s talking and the expressions of others, Neat Symmetry enables remote participants to engage in more natural, free-flowing conversation. Neat Symmetry presents everyone in the meeting room equally up close, whether they’re sitting, standing or moving around. 

Neat Boundary

Neat Boundary removes the worry of being distracted by other activities happening around you. By setting a virtual width and depth to define your meeting space, the camera will avoid detecting, auto framing and following people that aren’t part of your meeting.

Neat Audio Processing

Natural conversation. Neat Audio Processing allows everyone in your meeting to enjoy clear dialogue. So, if two people simultaneously speak, neither one of their voices will sound muffled, meaning anyone can pitch in a comment during lively debates without their voice being clipped or muted.

More voice, less noise. Neat Audio Processing also suppresses any unwanted noise outside your camera view. That way, you can enjoy distraction-free meetings in open-plan offices or at home. Essentially, what you see is what you hear!

A Family of Devices 

With interaction on video becoming second nature for most of us, people now expect video to be installed across all available areas to fully connect with their teammates and others however they like, from wherever they need to. Neat’s dynamic portfolio of devices enable you to enjoy closer and clearer meetings throughout a wide range of small to medium and large spaces.

Neat Bar & Neat Bar Pro

Neat Bar is a simple and elegant, compactly designed yet highly capable meeting room device for Zoom or Microsoft Teams. It’s perfect for bringing superior-quality audio and video to your meeting, huddle or focus rooms for up to ten people. You can mount Neat Bar above or below one or two monitors, and it comes with Neat Pad, our dynamic touch screen, which you can use to control your meetings or display room availability outside the room.

Neat Bar Pro packs a stack of tech into a simple and elegant slimline device. Capable of driving three large screens, it enables you to see people and content together more clearly. Simultaneously, its uncompromising audio and video quality give you an incredibly immersive, natural meeting experience throughout any space.

Neat Board

Neat Board is the complete meeting room package in a simple and elegant all-in-one device. With its immersive 65-inch multi-touch screen, powerful audio system and versatile wide-angle camera, Neat Board gives you a collaboration experience beyond video meetings and wireless content sharing by enabling annotations and whiteboarding. Available on study, portable stand, or mounted to a wall.

Neat Frame

Neat Frame is a stand-alone Zoom video conferencing device sporting many of the same video and audio technologies as Neat Bars and Neat Board. The 15.6-inch portrait screen provides an optimal layout balance, enabling more direct conversation in larger meetings, picking up every facial expression or gesture with a brilliant 450 nits of brightness.

Want to learn more? Email Nathan Pesch, our Technology Director of Sales