ShareSquare Co-Working | Tech Enabled

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Client: ShareSquare IMS

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Featured Products:

Crestron AirMedia Wireless Presentation Systems; Crestron Room Scheduling, Touch Panels and Room Indicators; Extron Cable Cubbies; Digital WatchDog Security Cameras; Sound Masking; WiFi & Low-Voltage Network & Cabling; Security Access System


ShareSquare is a co-working startup in Minneapolis’ historic International Market Square where solo designers and smaller design firms share office space and amenities. ShareSquare looked to iSpace Environments as their technology partner to guide the design and integration of an IP-based suite of solutions supporting every aspect of their workplace collaboration, presentation, soundmasking, security, and data needs.

Data & Low Voltage Connectivity

All of the technologies in the space communicate via a hard-wired ethernet data network iSpace ran throughout. Similar low-voltage connectivity is provided to each individual office and workstation for phone and internet connectivity. Mesh WiFi is enabled through a series of strategically placed access points. A rolling tech rack tucked neatly out of the way in an upper level closet acts as the hub for routers, servers and other system controls.


Security card/fob access pads from 3xLOGIC were set up at all entrances to allow ShareSquare to secure and monitor the space and control user access remotely. A wide variety of wall and door styles presented opportunities for the iSpace team to implement both hard-wired and wireless access sensors. To allow secure package and mail delivery an access pad is positioned outside the shared package delivery room – and access provided to delivery services.

A security camera system from Digital Watchdog allows for 24/7 monitoring of the space. Motion in the space triggers camera recording which can be reviewed, archived and programmed via cloud interface. Cameras are positioned at every entrance and at the delivery receiving room.


A soundmasking plan was developed and programmable emitters positioned in specific zones to help add a level of audial privacy to in hi-traffic, open/shared work areas. 

Meeting Room Technologies

Room Scheduling – Through the Crestron Room Scheduling system, members can use Outlook, Google and other calendar systems to remotely check on availability and book a room – or use the Crestron touch panels outside each space which provide clear indication of room status.

BYOD Presentations – Crestron’s AirMedia allows for simple wireless device content sharing and in-table cubbies with USB and standard power plugs and recoiling ethernet and HDMI cables provide hard-wired connections to the flat screen displays hung via Chief mounts in each space.

IT Support & Remote Management

Beyond the initial design and build-out of these systems, iSpace remains a trusted IT partner for ongoing ShareSquare operations providing remote system monitoring, management and support.