Trends in Presenting & Training

The tools to share knowledge, collaborate and co-create are a matter of good design. When you are set up to Share with People using the right resources, you can better prepare multiple generations to cross pollinate with knowledge and perspectives.


Presenting and sharing in its most tangible form is a matter of simple hard-wire connections using cables and ports. It’s what we have relied on in the past and it’s a foolproof method for delivering a productive presentation.

Opportunities for sharing continually evolve whether groups find themselves stationed in a room, tucked into a semi-enclosed structure, or huddled in a flexible lounge space. Wireless connection can make any space an opportunity for sharing ideas.

Perhaps the most efficient opportunity for sharing ideas lies in the opportunity to co-create. Tools like SmartKapp IQ and other touchscreen technologies not only allow groups to work together, but can record the progress. 

Featured product: SmartKapp IQ