100 Best Companies to Work for in 2017

Align great talent, with great partners in an adaptable environment and you become one of the “100 Best Companies to Work for” It starts with creating a great culture that extends beyond your own environment and into the work you do. How exactly does this work for us?

GREAT TALENT: We like to think of ourselves as fun people, both approachable and knowledgeable; people that care about the work we do. That attitude has been essential in creating work that we can be proud of and has led to more engaging experiences.

GREAT PARTNERS: While harnessing the power of a strong internal culture is important, we know that being the best extends into the network of partners we work alongside. Invaluable to each project are the people and products that ensure our solutions emerge.

ADAPTABLE ENVIRONMENTS: As solutionists do, we consider the work environment that, we the workers live in for 30-40 hours per week. It must be adaptable – the variables are endless, but we cater to those that offer choice in physical work settings, flexibility in work mode, and opportunity for overall wellness.

We don’t take this honor lightly, it is most impactful because it is earned through employee feedback by means of a survey distributed by Minnesota Business Magazine. During the last year, we have embraced change while merging 2 synergistic companies, shaped new perspectives in business and are ready to tackle the next year with the same optimistic momentum.

Thanks to the friends and employees of iSpace that have placed us among this list of other extraordinary companies that strive to be the best!