About Us

We believe in the integration of architecture, furniture, and technology to create productive and enabled spaces for people to work, learn, relax and engage.

Our Mission

Excel at shaping environments that inspire, enable and empower individuals through imaginative, intelligent and intuitive solutions.

Our Vision

Maintain a customer-focused team of talented enthusiasts to represent our mission.

Our Values


We challenge our own ideas so that the result is thoughtful and beyond ordinary.​


We continue to refine our skills so that they are relevant and resourceful to our clients.​

Work Ethic

We recognize that one choice impacts another in projects and in our environment.​


Life is abundant with inspiration. We commit to being imaginative and clever in design solutions.​​


Honesty and respect make developing and maintaining relationships a part of our DNA.​​


We are interested in bring a culture to life, so enjoying ourselves is just part of the job.​​​

Our History

WorkPlace 2000 Founded
MSpace Founded
WorkPlace 2000 Rebrands to iSpace Furniture, Inc.
iSpace Furniture and MSpace Combine Forces to become iSpace Environments

We are proud of our roots that date back to 1993 when we responded to market needs by refurbishing panel systems and storage components. The goals established then are consistent today: to provide cost effective products that meet our customers schedules—while keeping office furniture products out of the landfill. In 1995 we began a vital partnership with Teknion when we saw how closely their goals aligned with ours. In 2002 iSpace launched a sister technology company, MSpace, focused on supporting our customers through the ever-changing terrain of audio/visual solutions. This technology division, our furniture and architectural products divisions, and our professional services were integrated in 2017 to form the iSpace Environments you know today.

This integrated solutions approach allows us to streamline the customer experience and exceed every expectation. With our goals of ultimate customer satisfaction in mind, iSpace Environments has become a leading supplier of corporate furniture, architectural products, technology and professional services. We work hard and smart to turn customers into longtime friends.

Integrated Solutions
Our Process
Our Work