Professional Services

Dedicated to Your Success.

Throughout your journey, you will rely on many partners to help make your project a success. Our knowledgeable, experienced, and creative professionals are here to support your project goals and provide the most effective solutions. When you partner with iSpace, you receive valuable professional services from concept to complete.

Project Planning

  • Change enablement (with Teknion partnership)
  • Research & Information
  • Project Budgeting
  • Building a Schedule
  • Financing/Leasing

Design & Engineering

  • Programming
  • Product & Material Specification
  • Visualization Tools
  • Mock-up & Demonstrations
  • Integration with Architectural & Trade Documents

Project Management

  • Site Verification
  • Product Ordering & Tracking
  • Coordination with Other Trades
  • Scheduling & Site Coordination

Delivery & Installation

  • Warehousing
  • Staging & Assembly
  • Maintenance & Repair

Audio/Visual Technology Support

  • Training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Expert Maintenance & Repair

Sustainability Programs

  • Recycling Programs
  • Product Decommissioning
  • Pre-Owned Furniture

Service Hub

A resource available to anyone needing technology support, maintenance and training.