Customer Connect

The Customer Connect Program is our commitment to each customer that we will provide open lines of communication, clear information, and thoughtful risk/problem mitigation.

Your dedicated project manager will:

1 | Contact

Connect with you as soon as your order is processed.

2 | Project Details

Work with you to navigate project details like installation timeline, site conditions and other details.

3 | Status Updates

Maintain effective communication about product manufacturing & shipping status.

4 | Delivery Timing

Confirm delivery and installation dates and times.

5 | Quality Assurance

Perform project walk-throughs and process any punch list items.

6 | Wrap Up

Provide project close-out documents and issue customer feedback surveys.


Technology Service & Support

iSpace Environments offers 3 levels of service contracts to help customers maintain their audio-visual systems, including teleconferencing systems and other technologies.