Add Some Fun to Your Meeting – Catchbox Microphone


Tired of waiting for the handheld microphone to be passed around the room? What if it was “throwable?”

Catchbox is a soft and throwable microphone for meeting, training and auditorium settings. It looks like a toy, but is actually a mic inside a padded (and customizable) box. Like other handheld mics, it can be connected to your room AV systems to amplify voices in the room – and in video feeds. Catchbox has a knack for breaking the ice and lightening the mood in larger group settings where asking a question might be an intimidating idea. Participation becomes more relaxed, fun, and almost game-like.

Real Tech

Don’t be fooled by its soft and fun appearance. Catchbox has serious technology and multiple configurations that can integrate into just about any meeting environment.

Automute – Catchbox’s patented automute technology senses when the device is in-motion and momentarily mutes the mic when it is thrown, caught (or dropped!)

Wireless Charging – Catchbox’s wireless charging option allows “always-on” mode wherein the device goes to sleep mode when charging and automatically wakes up when it is picked up.


Yes, the cute, soft outer cover comes in many colors and can be customized with logos, sayings or other branding. Plus, there are (3) module options for Catchbox that are designed for flexibility in room size and system connectivity – with options that come with/without transmitters allowing use of existing wireless beltpacks, or Catchbox’s scalable transmitters.

We use Catchbox regularly at our company meetings. Have Fun!