Adventures in Co-Working

Enabling OUR OWN Workspaces to Do More!

For some time iSpace and our friends from MSpace have been singing the praises of interconnective technologies that enable workspaces to do more. Well, since December 20th, 2013, when we welcomed the technology specialists from MSpace to work side-by-side with us in our 811 Glenwood showroom, we’ve been forced to really walk the walk we’ve been talking!

Technology and Furniture
That’s right…meeting technology engineers and technicians working alongside workspace furnishing experts and designers. What have we learned? First, we go through A LOT more coffee, and we need a bigger fridge (and our conference room just got a great videoconferencing makeover!) But, seriously, there are some significant advantages to having technology and furnishing specialists working together every day. In the ever-changing world of workplaces it really is vital to be able to draw from the insights and experience of both halves of the workplace brain to ensure that spaces truly are designed to support organizational missions.

While we’re getting used to each others quirks, we are also gaining some great experience collaborating to build teams to deliver our vision of effective, enabling and enlightening workspaces for all. With technology woven into our workflows and trains-of-thought, we really can offer products and services that enable workspaces to do more. This partnership is unique in the marketplace and we think our customers will truly appreciate the synergies that develop.

We’re truly learning how to work better together.