Becoming Our Own Case Study For How to Return to the Workplace

As we’ve navigated working through a pandemic we have all had to adapt…A LOT… to changes in the workplace we never could have imagined.

And those changes are not likely to end anytime soon. In March, the ‘stay at home’ order separated most of us from our daily habits, routines, and regular business practices. Later this spring, as iSpace staffers returned to the office on May 4th, we recognized that we were facing a lot of the same complications as our customers, and we knew we would become our own case study for how to get our office back to work during the pandemic.

Like so many corporate environments…

We Have a Dense Floorplate

We have staff who sit at dedicated workspace, but also many who are transient (or ‘floaters’) who utilize our hoteling and communal spaces when in the office.

Never the Right Time

We were right in the middle of an office renovation; people were displaced, and contractors needed access.

Our Business Relies on Face-to-Face Interaction

We could no longer visit or provide service to customers in person.

We’re Better When We’re Together

We needed to look at how we could overcome these challenges and get back to enjoying our company culture, and productive work environment.

With the required CDC guidelines in mind, we cautiously shuffled back into place.

  • We implemented a staggered return with about 50% of employees in office daily while continuing to support a work from home strategy.
  • We completed a workplace assessment to assure that everyone’s personal workspace allowed for a 6’ or more separation.
  • We limited the size of in-person meetings by removing chairs from the conference spaces.
  • Touch free faucets were installed in the kitchen & toilet rooms.
  • And most importantly we have become masters of Microsoft Teams & the old trusted, telephone.


We’ve made it work – for the most part.

But as you know, iSpace Environments is a showroom that thrives on having customers visit us regularly. We want… no, WE NEED you to come in, touch, see, feel the products & connect with us as your trusted furniture & technology partner.

We are anxious and excited to truly open our doors and invite you back into our space but we know this will be a slow process and that we have more changes to enact to make sure each guest is comfortable and safe when they visit iSpace.

Check back later learn more about the Workplace Adaptation of iSpace Environments. Want to learn how we can help adapt your space? Contact iSpace Environments today.