Better Conferencing Audio with Shure Intellimix

Whether it’s echoing voices, too much background noise, or imbalanced volume from participant to participant, many conference room audio systems can’t quite keep pace with the the often amazing video quality we’ve come to expect as we rely on video connectivity more and more.

Luckily, organizations can do better. Shure’s IntelliMix software and family of supported mics, processors and speakers, are optimized for video conferencing, are easily scaled, and can greatly improve audio quality whether you connect via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, or legacy systems like Cisco.

Shure’s IntelliMix software controls audio from microphone to digital signal processor (DSP) to speaker – providing auto-mixing and noise cancellation needed for video conferencing. It virtualizes digital audio signals. Individual rack-mounted DSPs are no longer needed – streamlining deployment and scaling across an organization.

Why IntelliMix?

Eliminates Background Noise

Nearly every meeting space has background noise. Whether it’s A/C units or general buzz in an open office, Intellimix eliminates the fuzz and allows the participant voices to shine.

Echo Cancellation

Intellimix eliminates that annoying voice echo that can be instantly ruin a conference call.

The Perfect Mix

“Steerable Coverage™” technology identifies participants in the space, and triangulates locations of microphones to ensure that all participants have equal volume in the meeting mix.


Shure Network Audio Encryption utilizes AES-256 technology between Shure devices – so confidential information can always be discussed with confidence.

Simple Deployment & Scalable

IntelliMix software is straight-forward to setup and can reduce the amount of equipment needed in a conference space. One, small IntelliMix P300 DSP is needed per room. IntelliMix Room™ Solutions need no external DSP, at all.

Certified for Microsoft Teams

A family of Shure IntelliMix products – including IntelliMix Rooms with Crestron’s UC-C100-T – are Microsoft Teams Certified. The system has proven performance and well-backed support you can trust.

The Shure IntelliMix ecosystem includes a collection of products that work in tandem to provide the enhanced audio quality needed for conferencing spaces – from microphone to DSP to speaker.

Simply Scalable in any Room

Whether in small, medium or large sized rooms, the virtual nature of IntelliMix allows for easy addition of mics and speakers without the need for additional rack hardware.