Carousel Cloud Digital Sign System Supports Re-Opening

iSpace Uses Carousel Cloud to Keep Relevant Information on Display.

With organizations across the globe updating facilities in accordance with new regulations, many customers are aiming to create environments that communicate how safety is their top priority.

As iSpace sought to re-open to customers during the lasting COVID-19 pandemic, we knew that effective communication of health and safety regulations would be needed. We turned to our longtime partners Carousel Digital Signage for a system that would be easy to implement and adjust as our needs evolved.

“Carousel software is easy to learn, so even an organization lacking in-house design resources can use built-in templates to create content,” said Nathan Pesch, iSpace Technology Sales Manager. “As many content managers are working from home these days, with Carousel Cloud, they can make changes remotely.”

Upon entering iSpace, guests are encouraged to scan a QR code and fill out a brief survey. Their potential interactions with anyone who has been sick and basic contact information is recorded and sent to an internal registration system managed by the HR team.

“In the event that anyone at iSpace tests positive, we can advise our guests immediately,” noted Jennifer Smith, iSpace’s Human Resources Manager. “This display linked to our system makes everyone more comfortable with opening the showroom to guests.”

With the use of Apple TV, integrated flat panel displays and conference room technologies, we communicate health and safety guidelines throughout the showroom. Additionally, welcome messaging, visitor information, and examples of how clients can implement digital signage to their own environments.

Pesch noted: “Our customers aren’t always aware of our technology-related products and services. Showing and demonstrating the technology creates awareness of what AV technology offers for workplace design. Carousel Cloud helps us communicate effectively with them.”

“We’re helping people get back to business any way we can, whether it’s with screen dividers on desks, furniture reconfigurations, or digital signage to communicate the proper safety measures,” concluded Pesch. “Businesses and schools need to show that they’re thinking about safety, and digital signage is one way to communicate that they’re taking action.”

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