Collaborate & Share Anywhere – Huddle Space Roundup

Huddle Spaces: the best way to solve the conference room scheduling battle.

The huddle space concept is a natural evolution of people finding alternative places to meet beyond the traditional conference room. What makes a huddle space? A smart combination of technology and furnishings that enable impromptu collaboration, touchdown meetings and opportunities to co-create. Where should they be located? Depending on your culture and the current circulation in your workplace, you might consider a few options: tucked away in a quiet spot; right in the middle of the action; amongst a setting of work stations; or in a zone of its own. Simply put, wherever you provide the tools to share ideas and some re-configurable furniture, you are set.

So Many Options…

Every year the iSpace team visits NeoCon to check out the newest ideas in workplace furnishings. What they saw this year confirmed that collaboration and “huddling” can happen just about anywhere in the workplace. Have a look at this collection of ideas:



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