Control Your Environment with Custom Digital Signage

Old Thinking & Missed Opportunities

Imagine being in the lobby at your dentist’s office. You absentmindedly stare at the 90’s art on the wall, a brochure on the coffee table, or in a similar, passive way, you watch the news on a flat screen display while you wait. While the TV is no longer the old “rabbit ears” TV of ages gone-by, our interaction with that screen in that environment is roughly the same as it has been for decades: passive and barely engaged. We constantly encounter flat screen displays, uninteresting art, and lifeless brochures in the environments around us. Rarely do we interact with them in meaningful ways. iSpace sees this old way of thinking as a tremendous opportunity.

There are finite opportunities for you to make your mark on your audience. Don’t overlook the potential of digital sign and interactive technologies.

Creative Thinking to Expand Your Influence

As a business operator, there’s value in understanding how to use advancements in display technology to make a more meaningful, comfortable, or memorable experience for your customers. Imagine taking that dentist trip again, but this time, it’s different: In the waiting room, rather than seeing a random, discomforting news story, you see carefully-curated testimonials from happy patients to set your mind at ease. Where before there was static, uninteresting wall art, you now see an LED video wall of engaging information about the staff and history of the practice. Instead of a dingy rack of brochures, you stop by a touchscreen kiosk that lets you interactively explore products, services, and procedures–and there is an option to enter your email to receive additional valuable information. That is the power of engaging digital signage technology designed from a more creative perspective.

Displays and digital signage solutions from iSpace can help you control and expand your influence in your environments. Engage your customers with pinpointed digital sign content that positions your organization in its most flattering light. Use the same digital sign systems to also keep your employees informed about company updates and initiatives. Provide way-finding directions and share information about internal events. With so many moments to engage in your environments, put your best foot forward at every opportunity–with iSpace technologies.

If you want to make sure your work environment is up-to-date with technology, and to learn more about curating digital content for your customers and your employees, connect with iSpace Environments today.