Creating Adaptable Workspaces with Teknion Altos Architectural Walls

Space Crafting with Architectural Walls to Get Ahead of Change

Adapting to dynamics in how and where people work best can push an organization to re-think their work environments on-the-regular. Integrating modular, architectural walls systems into a floorplan can help organizations be more buoyant in the face of change.

With a range of styles and finishes – and an ability to support a host of workplace activities and technologies through innovative design and accessories – architectural walls can be deployed almost anywhere in a floorplate with minimal dust and disruption during installation. A variety of glass and solid fascia options support efficient workspace designs abundant with natural light. In many scenarios, architectural wall systems can de-mounted and moved or reconfigured to more rapidly adjust to space needs.

For more than twenty years our iSpace Environments team has been building with architectural walls from our premier manufacturing partner Teknion who offers a comprehensive, integrated set of architectural interior solutions.

Benefits of Modular, Architectural Walls:

  • Flexibility to combine glass and solid fascias in unique, efficient freestanding or integrated designs
  • Adding more glass or adjusting space functions often only requires replacing modular wall fascias
  • Solid fascia walls are insulated and often provide better acoustic performance than drywall
  • Built on-site typically by one trade – expediting the construction schedule
  • Walls can be installed and configured without displacement of employees as components are generally non-harmful to the environment and create less dust than traditional construction
  • Walls can be demounted and moved to other locations in many instances

Start Building with Teknion Altos

Like its sister solutions (Optos, Focus, and Tek Vue) Teknion Altos is a demountable architectural wall system that can be integrated with traditional drywall building methods to add glass “storefronts” and doorways to private offices and meeting or focus spaces. But Altos – and its sturdy, 4″ thick, universal frame system – can also be used in place of drywall to build floor-to-ceiling structures outfitted in myriad ways:

  • Clad in variety of fascias: wood, metal, sound-absorbing fabric and others
  • Populated with both hi and low voltage wiring and connections
  • With mounts for work surfaces, storage units, white boards and accessories
  • Built with recesses for flat screen displays
  • Secured for hanging modular cabinetry
  • Hung in portrait or landscape orientation for unique solid or glass fascia applications like clerestory windows
  • Specified with hinged or sliding glass or solid doors
  • Integrated with Optos, Focus and Tek Vue for frameless, curved and single or double pane glass storefront applications


Integrating Altos with Optos, Focus, and Tek Vue

While Altos can be deployed as a complete system, by itself, to create spaces, Teknion’s family of architectural walls can all be smartly integrated together to provide myriad options for storefront glass and frame styles.

Examples of Altos integrated with other Teknion architectural walls systems:

Our Experience

Our iSpace Environments team has been planning and installing architectural interiors projects for more than twenty years. Our designers, project managers, and installers have unmatched experience working on projects worldwide – with amazing support provided by our Teknion engineering and design teams. 

Some examples of our recent architectural walls projects:

Want to learn more? Visit our Minneapolis or Mankato Showrooms to see Teknion Architectural Interior solutions in action. Contact Teri Pierce or reach out to your sales representative to schedule a tour.

From architectural walls and post and beam systems for open floorplans, to free standing privacy-on-demand (P.O.D.’s), our premier manufacturing partner Teknion offers a full array of architectural interiors solutions that can complete a workplace. READ MORE