Creating Space Outside the Box with Teknion Tek Vue

Among Teknion’s Architectural Interiors products are a family of glass and solid wall systems that can help create distinct spaces to serve unique functions within a workplace. Private offices, meeting & conference rooms, collaboration and individual focus spaces can all be effortlessly carved out of a floorplan via these intuitive and flexible systems.
An extra-efficient and particularly dynamic member of this family of products is the glass office-front system Tek Vue.

Whether it is integrated with traditional drywall construction methods or paired with Teknion’s Altos or Focus walls – which often need no drywall, at all – Tek Vue offers tremendous value through the product’s smart simplicity. Its single-center glass and thin wall and door profiles take up little real estate and are comparatively quick to install – without the mess typically associated with conventional construction methods. Articulating and angled facias, hinged or sliding door styles, nearly seamless expanses of glass, and opportunities for built-in electric connections make Tek Vue a ultra-capable solution.

Done Right and On Time

iSpace Environments installers handle Architectural Interior projects with the support of Teknion’s service teams. Our combined experience and the adaptable nature of Tek Vue’s universal system enable harmonious integrations into both new construction and historic retrofits. 

Teknion’s manufacturing teams are incredibly efficient in turning around orders for Tek Vue–with express programs for some configurations. (Check with us for current availability.) Plus–it’s a breeze to install Tek Vue compared to traditional construction methods. Tek Vue can prove to be a go-to solution for projects on condensed timelines.

New Tek Vue Options

Two new features have recently been announced by Teknion that further expand applications for Tek Vue.
Curved Glass

Want a curved transition between walls instead of a sharp angle? Tek Vue is now available with curved glass that accommodates angles of 90° or more between walls with radius between 30″ and 75″. For radius from 30″ to 36″, only one piece of glass is required for a 90° angle. For walls between 36″ and 75″, two pieces of glass are used with a discrete tape & clear connector transition between pieces.

Sliding Doors Over Drywall

Tek Vue’s sliding glass doors are a handsome and popular option – particularly when space is at a premium. Now, through the use of simple yet ingenious L-shaped brackets, Tek Vue’s door track can be connected directly to drywall – allowing the Tek Vue sliding door to be used by itself.

Want to learn more? Email Kyle Henkemeyer, our Architectural Products Account Executive.