Crestron ONE App – Control Your Conference Room From Your Mobile Device

Contactless Control in the Conference Room

We have come to expect so many things to be contactless–not just since the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19, but for years now. People use their mobile device to turn on the lights, play music or open the garage door. Make a payment at the grocery store with out even taking a credit card out of a wallet. Chat with the company dropping of your meal delivery kit via your home doorbell.

The Crestron ONE App provides the platform for the control of your workplace conference room to be simple, easy and… contactless–using your own mobile device.

With the ONE App, as you enter a Crestron controlled conference room, your mobile device automatically connects via Bluetooth. Authenticate that it’s you, and then you’re able to control the lights, speakers, microphone, window shades, and display screens via your device. This technology can be added across your existing footprint without the complication of network or design changes because the mobile application connects to the touch screen control panel’s existing functionality. Each administrator can customize which functions are controllable in each conference space by each user.

As we focus on the return to work, technology upgrades can help you provide a healthy, safe, and comfortable environment for your employees and keep you up to date with the user experience your employees are accustomed to outside of the workplace.

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