Da-Lite ALR Projection Screens from Legrand

Image Quality for Any Environment

Projection systems in the workplace and educational settings are not going away–particularly since the quality of projectors and screen performance continue to improve–even in spaces where ambient light typically ruins the contrast and saturation of the projected image. Our iSpace technology sales, project management and engineering team recently spent time with our partners from Legrand who demonstrated their Da-Lite ALR Parallax Stratos projection screens’ unique ability to provide rich image quality no matter the environment.

What’s the Difference? The composition of your projection screen directly affects the clarity and color fidelity capabilities of your system. To complicate this further, ambient lighting in projection rooms can greatly decrease image quality. Daylight or overhead lighting, which can be necessary for work activity, can wash-out typical projected images. Legrand’s Da-Lite ALR Parallax Stratos display material, however, has micro-layers that absorb and reject ambient light from fixtures or exterior windows–omitting nearly all glare. Ambient Light Reducing (ALR) materials can provide the best image contrast, color saturation and range.

This video from Legrand shows, side-by-side, the difference between standard screen technology and their ALR Parallax screen.


Visit the site of our partner Legrand to learn more about ALR options. And trust us, we know what your thinking: ‘great, another acronym to remember.’ Don’t worry. The specialists at iSpace know all about it and look forward to guiding you through the options to a solution that works best for your needs and your environment.

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