EOC Project Featured in Sound & Communications Magazine

Our Work is Being Used

One of the best results of our work at iSpace/MSpace is knowing that the technologies and systems we’ve provided for our clients are getting used – and for important purposes. This is particularly true for the work we’ve done for Hennepin County Emergency Management where the communication and collaboration systems we designed for their Emergency Operations Center and Situation Monitoring Station get regular use when the people of Hennepin County need them most. (Read more in the Case Study.)

Our Work is Getting Noticed

But, when experts in our field notice our work, and write about it, we really know we’re doing extraordinary things. Many thanks to our friends at Sound & Communications Magazine for publishing in their January 2015 edition a thorough overview of our Hennepin County EOC project entitled “Ready to Serve.” Writer Jim Stokes notes that “this is the largest EOC this reporter has covered for Sound & Communications.” It truly is an impressive project that connects many remote departments and sources – and just needs to work right, period.

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