Everybody Poufs!

You’ve seen it – in different colors, textures, and forms. Often seen in clusters, but sometimes singularly. They are part of our everyday lives – at home, in public and at the office – Poufs are everywhere.

Not sure where your mind went there…but let’s get back to furniture. (wink wink)

The truth is that Poufs are Everywhere and for a good reason.


A Pouf is, in the simplest words is like an ottoman or a stool. Typically upholstered and extra versatile.


Mobility: Often light weight, and sometimes on casters – they make spaces easy to reconfigure.

Collaboration: Because of their more temporary nature, poufs are great assets to a touchdown space, a social setting or as a side chair at a workstation.

Decorative: When brand identity and personality are important; Poufs bring color, texture and pattern to finalize the details of a design.

We have highlighted a few of our favorite poufs below, but don’t let that stop you from asking about more options. 


A: Hightower Breck 

B: Keilhauer Doko

C: Hightower Nimbus

D: StudioTK Qui

E: Bernhardt Colours

F: DWR Coral 

G: Paul Brayton Portofino

H: Hightower Kona

I: Keilhauer Doko

J: Bernhardt Tour

Feeling like you could use a good Pouf? Contact your iSpace Account Manager or email us