Field Technician (Low Voltage Cabling)

Field Technician (Low Voltage Cabling)

Field Tech Career Description (PDF)

Position Summary: 

The Low Voltage Field Technician will be responsible for installation of security systems and service, structured cable systems, and audio/visual systems; including running wire, installing devices, programming and testing. The Field Technician will provide: 

  • Prepare for installation by reviewing the installation orders, ensuring supplies are accurate and verifying that all equipment is functioning properly
  • Maintain customer rapport by resolving issues and answering concerns and maintain a safe and secure work environment
  • Installation of data and security devices such as wireless receivers, door strikes, and cameras

Why Work at iSpace Environments?

We’re an inclusive and dynamic group of Professionals with Personality. Our set of six Core Values keep us on track to help our clients and partners achieve the best in work and learning environments. iSpace Environments is an agile company, born on the philosophy that people will carve their own path and it’s our job to support them. Below are the six core values that our team embodies:


  1. EXCELLENCE: We challenge our ideas so that the result is thoughtful & extraordinary.
  2. INTEGRITY: Dependability, empathy, and honesty define our relationships both internally and externally
  3. EXPERTISE: We continue to refine our skills to always be relevant & resourceful
  4. CREATIVITY: We commit to being imaginative, inventive and authentic in solutions
  5. WORK ETHIC: We recognize that one choice impacts another in projects & within our environment
  6. FUN: We value a culture that is positive, fresh and collaborative


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:


    • Perform technical installation and maintenance in support of large office telecom systems.
    • Installation, termination, and testing of Cat5e, Cat6, and fiber optic cables and connectors.
    • Interacting with clients in the field to ensure the scope of work is being executed properly, setting expectations about possible delays and engaging in end user training.
    • Work safely at required heights, utilizing ladders and lifts.
    • Programming of card access and recording devices.


You’re Pretty Great at These Things:

COMMUNICATIONS – Exhibits good listening and comprehension. Expresses ideas and thoughts in written form. Expresses ideas and thoughts verbally. Keeps others adequately informed. Selects and uses appropriate communication methods.

CONTINUOUS LEARNING – Assesses own strengths and weaknesses. Purses training and development opportunities. Seeks feedback to improve performance. Shares expertise with others. Strives to continuously build knowledge and skills.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Displays courtesy and sensitivity. Manages difficult or emotional customer situations. Meets commitments. Responds promptly to customer needs. Solicits customer feedback to improve service.

PLANNING & ORGANIZATION – Integrates changes smoothly. Plans for additional resources. Prioritizes and plans work activities. Sets goals and objectives. Uses time efficiently. Works in an organized manner.

TEAMWORK – Balances team and individual responsibilities. Contributes to building a positive team spirit. Exhibits objectivity and openness to others’ views. Gives and welcomes feedback. Puts success of team above own interests.

USE OF TECHNOLOGY – Adapts to new technologies. Demonstrates required skills. Keeps technical skills up to date. Troubleshoots technological problems. Uses technology to increase productivity.


You’ve Got the Creds: (Requirements)


  • Understanding of specialty systems (access control, CCTV, security cameras, mag locks, strikes)
  • Experience installing voice and data systems in a commercial environment


  • Working knowledge and proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite


  • Strong technical aptitude or background working with electronics and communications technology
  • Ability to clearly communicate with customers and technical personnel alike
  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to maintain focus on the project at hand
  • An ability to effectively triage, prioritize, and juggle multiple incidents simultaneously
  • Ability to follow through extended services incidents from open to completion
  • Ability work independently, managing time and prioritizing tasks, yet also able tow work in a team atmosphere
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and willingness to take initiative

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

iSpace is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, and veteran-friendly employer.  iSpace recognizes that a diverse workforce is essential and strongly encourages qualified women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans to apply. We will make reasonable accommodations to all qualified applicants with disabilities.


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