Furniture for Outdoor Work Spaces

Spring is in the Air!

Have you noticed the days are getting longer? With the bright sunshine and warm weather we’ve been having, customers are beginning to ask about outfitting their outdoor spaces for spring.

Alternative work and play zones for employees in the wide-open spaces support connectivity to nature and others.

At a fundamental level, humans have a biological connection to nature–we have the tendency to seek out connections with other living beings. That connection can reduce stress, enhance our creativity and increase productivity. There has been a major effort to “bring the outside in” to the office space, and as spring starts calling us to return to the outdoors, the office can support the call. Providing outdoor places for people to work and relax can create a positive shift in attitude, refresh depleted energy and lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Consider outfitting a patio with furniture and umbrellas, extending your wifi network to those spaces and encourage outdoor meetings.

To get your creative juices flowing, have a look at our Outdoor Furniture Roundup from NeoCon 2019. Plus, here are some other outdoor furniture product lines we like:

Aceray | Arper | Via Seating

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