Gen Z @ Work Discussion

Gen Z @ Work Discussion

Everyone wins when the workplace is prepared to support multiple generations at once. That’s why we asked generational expert David Stillman, and his Gen Z son, Jonah Stillman to join us for an authentic and insightful discussion around how to best support the newest generation of workers.

In attendance (over two sessions) were purveyors of interior environments, and representatives in both business and education, including people in leadership roles and human services. The diversity in attendees allowed us to challenge our guest speakers with broader questions and subjects that matter most.

The discussions brought surprising facts and piqued curiosity, and because of it, we learned these six facts:

  1. GEN Z IS COMPETITIVE: Watch out Millennials, because Gen Z is one determined generation. They aren’t waiting around for instructions; they’re figuring it out as they go.
  2. INSTANT & CONSTANT FEEDBACK: Say goodbye to annual reviews. Gen Z feels most supported and respected when they receive feedback on a regular basis. Wait for an annual review and you may be waiting too long.
  3. CLARITY & AUTONOMY: Be clear with your expectations and defining what you want the end-product to be. Gen Z wants to know where they’re going, but not how to get there – they’ll take their own path.
  4. BRICK & MORTAR MATTERS: Work is not a place, it’s an activity, BUT work environments still influence Gen Z when choosing an employer.
  5. FLEXIBILITY IS KEY: From quiet space, to a remote space and everything in between – Gen Z looks for options when deciding where to accomplish work. You can expect them to move from one space to the next throughout the day to feel most inspired and productive while working.
  6. WORK-LIFE BLEND: Life happens during work and work happens during life. Gen Z is committed to blending the two, because that’s reality. It’s about completing tasks, not hours.

While we also learned terms like “Phigital” (a combination of physical and digital) and “Weconomists” (relative to the sharing economy) – we think that attendees walked away with practical knowledge to rally around Gen Z, and tools to successfully blend multiple generations in the workplace.

Learn more about the speakers and their book “Gen Z @ Work” on their website: Gen Z Guru

Special thanks to our partners at Teknion for sponsoring this event. 

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