iSpace Environments Acquires Silver Communications

Three Words – Swiss Army Knife. So maybe our roots aren’t Swiss, but our interest in being the best all-in-one resource to our clients just happens to be a part of our mission. 

To be resourceful, reliable and convenient are a few drivers which influenced our decision to merge efforts with Silver Communications, an existing partner in low-voltage cabling, phone/internet integration and building security. We figured, hey, why should our clients have to work with multiple vendors on the same solution when you can work with just one all-encompassing provider? (Insert smiley faces, thumbs up and…maybe even a heart emoji?)

Ever look down at your smart phone and wish that you didn’t have to search through three pages of software apps to find your calendar, or that one really cool program that you downloaded and forgot about? Wish that those apps were consolidated into one comprehensive platform…we know the feeling. It’s why we decided to take the hassle out of your next workplace transition by being your single source for furnishings, technology and security. It’s why we aim to make the lives of our clients just a little bit easier. It’s why we’ve partnered up with experts that compliment the services we were already providing but want to improve.

Why did we choose to partner with Silver Communications?

  1. We believe that transition can be hard for anyone, especially when moving to a new environment. We want to make that experience as simple for the people and businesses as possible, by eliminating the hassle of working with too many vendors.
  2. Silver Communications has been a trusted provider to many of those in our existing client base – we trust their expertise in the spaces which we help support.
  3. Every environment can benefit from a thoughtful approach. With structured cabling, phone/internet system integration and security offerings, we can offer a more holistic approach to a smoother transition.

How did this acquisition affect our offering?  

  1. When an organization receives new furniture and AV from iSpace Environments, we’ve got the team to wire it in too!
  2. Setting up a phone/internet system aligns with that of furniture and AV installation to get an organization up and running on a more efficient timeline.
  3. Security can be considered at the front end, so that individuals and businesses can be protected from the moment their assets enter a space.

How do I learn more about these new offerings?

Check out our website a little further or contact us to set up an opportunity to meet in person!

“We’re carving our own path to better support modern businesses as they grow and adapt, this is the next step in rounding out our expertise ” 

– Joel Peterson


Want to learn more about the acquisition? 

Contact your Account Manager or email us if you would like to inquire on our solutions and services.