iSpace Environments Making an iMpact with Senior Community Services

iSpace Environments Team Assists North Minneapolis Seniors with Fall Yard Clean-up.

Through the organization, Senior Community Services, iSpace visited the Minneapolis neighborhood of Willard-Hay to assist with fall yard care & clean up. Forty of the employees bundled up on the coldest day of the year (so far), armed with bags, blowers & rakes to help 6 elderly residents of the neighborhood prepare for the winter ahead. Large maples, oaks and elms towered bare above them as they filled over 150 compostable bags with fallen leaves & other debris. As each home was completed, the iSpace staffers gathered their tools and headed to the next residence to help other teams until all yards were neat and tidy.

“We’re lending a helping hand,” said Jenae Quarve, the iSpace A&D market manager, “and, it’s actually really fun to work in this new way with our teammates.”


iMpact @ iSpace Environments is an internal initiative to build positive company culture, support and develop the talents and wellness of the employees and engage with the community at large.