iSpace Furniture & MSpace Merge

Like the modern workplace, we’ve experienced a SHIFT…from two companies into one. 

On January 1st, 2017, iSpace Environments was formed when MSpace, a local AV Solutions Integrator and iSpace Furniture, a local commercial furnishings dealer merged together to create one holistic approach to evolving work and learning spaces.

Founder of both organizations, Joel Peterson, reflected on the merge by saying, “Workers are requesting more mobility and flexibility to get work done. We wanted to better align our approach with both companies so that end-users would have a single source to outfit their space, and the luxury of just one point of contact for multiple needs.”

Out of the merge came the philosophy that we can help organizations “Carve a New Path.” This philosophy empowers workers to shape their own environment, one that will allow them to choose how to work, and in which setting best reflects the task. It gives users the opportunity to carve out a space that fits their expectations, regardless of the generation they represent. We believe that it’s the activities which influence and shape an environment, and it’s time we help workers utilize space outside the traditional boundaries.

What does this mean to people and businesses that want to work with iSpace Environments to outfit their space?

  1. One point of contact for multiple services which equals less hassle for end-users
  2. Availability for discounts with bundled packages
  3. Cross-pollination of ideas, resources and solutions
  4. Flexibility and foresight into scheduling
  5. Common high standards and shared goals

What does this mean for architects and designers who work with iSpace Environments to develop solutions? 

  1. Thoughtful integration of interior resources
  2. Experience and knowledge to help inform strategic planning initiatives
  3. A wide range of educational possibilities and resources all in one place
  4. Flexibility and foresight into scheduling
  5. High expectations for a thorough implementation

What fueled the name iSpace Environments and the story behind the logo?

A shift in the way we work, dictated by the activities we do naturally creates a shift in our environment. With the ever-changing needs of the workplace, we adapt. We carve a path, we leave an imprint and we shift…you know, like plate tectonics.

The name iSpace Environments encompasses something greater, more thoughtful and more apt to deliver a full solution. Whether it’s a work, learning or in between space – it’s a habitat for productivity, it’s an environment to thrive in.

After we agreed on a name that was all-encompassing, we merged both physically and intellectually, and with that came new territory and a new identity.

To develop our new identity, we first had to acknowledge that the past was about working within a box, spaces were confined by walls – just like the square logos that represented each of our two businesses. With our new philosophy in place, Carve Your Path, we looked at the way our business helps contribute to the evolution of a space. With advancements in technology, and modern expectations from workers, physical barriers no longer confine us to one location. The first step was to physically carve into the box to deliver more dynamic, unbound shapes.

Next, we considered our new path. By slicing through our box, it gave us a greater context of what form could look like with disruption, it gave us more freedom. With a freshly carved path, we were left with two pieces to a puzzle – both inherently different, yet complementary to each other.  

With the restraints eliminated, each individual piece (or the two components of the business) of our developing symbol allowed freedom and encouraged movement. Like any free-floating form, natural or man-made, there is a tendency to drift. In our case the drift came with a unified vision, one that merged our brand, and our expertise. The new shape became that of a layered element, a dynamic, yet unified system.

Now, as iSpace Environments, we’re better supporting spaces which elevate the user, redefine boundaries, and propel individual productivity. 

“I’ve got a theory: If you love your workspace, you’ll love your work a little more” 

– Cynthia Rowley


Want to learn more about the merge? 

Contact your Account Manager or email us if you would like to inquire on our services.