iSpace Takes the Plunge!

On Friday, February 28th, iSpace Environments employees gathered at Lake Calhoun/Bde Maka Ska to take the Polar Plunge in support of Special Olympics Minnesota.


After launching a 2020 philanthropic commitment to Special Olympics back in November many of the employees took swift action and began to ask for donations from friends, family & industry partners. The financial contributions were astounding (more than $19,000 raised!) and the event was AN AWESOME ADVENTURE worth repeating.

The morning of the Plunge, anxiety was thick in the air at iSpace. Some plungers commented “I just want to get it over with! How cold is the water?” and “It really can’t be that bad, right? How deep is it, really?”

None had participated in this icy endeavor previously, so they blindly reassured each other of the safety and ‘health benefits’ of the cooling waters. As the event approached, more concerns were shared: “this can’t be good for my blood pressure…Are you wearing that?” Ultimately they rallied together and departed for the southern shores of Lake Calhoun/Bde Maka Ska.

Upon arrival at the Plunge the team desperately searched for the libations tent to secure some liquid courage. Once fortified they quickly scurried to the warming and changing tents for final preparations. Soon the team was walking the icy plank to the plunge pit, pumping each other with words of encouragement (and a few exclamations of excitement, unsuitable for print!)

Leading the team, iSpace owners Joel Peterson and Kathy Blake assembled the first set of plungers. A brief countdown from the official left little room for fearful reneging and the first group plunged. Gasps and squeaks were heard as heads surfaced from the frigid lake and immediately sought out the exit staircase. Next, the second round of plungers brought their toes to the water’s edge and courageously followed their co-workers. The third and final round of plungers, demonstrating an everlasting office feud between Viking and Packers supporters, grasped hands in a valiant display of camaraderie and plunged together.

Thankfully, no injuries were sustained. The iSpace Environments Polar Plunge 2020 team expressed feelings of gratitude and satisfaction. Accomplishing this intimidating adventure has, of course, united them: “We’re doing this again next year, right?”

iSpace Polar Plunge Stats:

    • 32 Fundraisers
    • 23 Plungers
    • 9 Cheerleading Chickens
    • 428 internet searches on the health risks of plunging
    • $19,212 Collectively Raised!


An extra special THANK YOU to all contributors who donated to this cause! – we wouldn’t have done it without you!

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