iSpace Team Gathers to Support Senior Community Services

iSpace Environments Team Takes a Break from the Daily Grind to Volunteer & Reconnect – Tackling Massive Yard Clean-Up Projects

Partnering with Senior Community Services–a nonprofit organization with a mission to develop, coordinate and provide services that help meet the needs of older adults–iSpace staff has come to realize time spent volunteering with them as a rewarding and mutually beneficial opportunity.

With the continuation of Covid-19, seniors are facing their 6th month of isolation from their families and community. This isolation makes it harder to ask for help and get the services they need to keep their properties in good condition. Similarly, the iSpace team has been displaced from their Glenwood neighborhood office/showroom since March.

“With staggered schedules and working from home, we are challenged to uphold our company culture,” shared Nate Pesch, leader of the Technology Sales Team.

iSpace teams ventured into the Willard-Hay neighborhood, just north of the Minneapolis showroom. Faced with full-sun, 90-degree temps, massive vine overgrowth, gardens full of weeds and tree damage, the teams conquered 7 properties worth of yard work after (carefully) connecting and visiting with each senior resident.

Design Director, Tina Anderson, noted: “When the resident saw how efficient we were working, he would find more and more things for us to do. He was so happy we came to help.”

As the teams recollected to recap their experiences and cool off with a summer cocktail, many noted the hidden benefit to volunteer work is reconnecting with each other. Comments like “I didn’t realize how long it had been since I’d seen everyone together” and “these events with everyone are my favorite” reminded everyone of the intrinsic value of the iSpace team – each other.

Learn About How You Can Get Involved on the Senior Community Services Website.