Keeping Employees Productive with Work From Home Solutions

Remnants of the hurdles of 2020 continue to linger as we roll into 2021 with many of us working from home. While some of the aspects of this new normal are still cursed on the daily, others are beginning to be accepted and maybe even embraced. Company leaders continue to grapple with the challenges posed by this new way of working and look to Work From Home furniture solutions to keep employees productive.

It’s been 10 months since of our iSpace teams and so many other employees at other companies were instructed to begin to Work From Home (WFH). Though we were initially wary of this change, many of us have found our day-to-day routines have fleshed out and have become more predictable and manageable. We’ve worked hard to determine the tasks that are high on the priority list and have become more consistently accountable to our co-workers. In some ways, many tasks that were challenging to complete in distracting office environments have become easier to accomplish at home. We’re making it work – and our company leaders are continuing to support and enrich that productivity.

Start by Staying Connected

At the onset of the WFH movement, many employers were simply paying for home internet and cell phones as a means of allowing the work to continue. If co-workers were not connected, being productive from home really would be impossible. That was a good and necessary starting point, but just the beginning in enabling effective WFH practices.

Supporting Productivity

With our iSpace teams, the need for dedicated home offices and the furnishings to support true productivity has become more and more evident. We all know that the comfy couch only supports productivity for so long (afternoon naps come to mind). Employees across industries are now looking to their employers to provide furniture and accessories to help create real work environments at home.

Smart Investment

Many companies have evaluated these requests and provide employees a one-time allowance to secure the furniture they need to outfit an effective home office. With what may be a large, up-front capital cost, employers need to ensure that their investment is spent on quality products that will last. The solution: contract quality furniture–built to last 20 years, or longer.

Look to iSpace Environments

iSpace Environments partners with SitOnIt to provide an entire package of contract grade Work From Home Furniture Solutions. We’ve taken into consideration aesthetics that coordinate with residential sensibility and ergonomics that physically support the employee–all the things employees have come to expect from their workspace at the office. Task chairs, height-adjustable desks, monitor arms, ergonomic accessories, lighting and more are all available. Online ordering, direct-to-home delivery, and easy set-up make the process easy.

Learn more about our SitOnIt collection of WFH furniture solutions HERE.

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