Less is More: Planar Clarity Matrix Video Wall

More and Less Than the Average Video Wall

When it comes to video walls, less is definitely more. What? Obviously, bigger is better when it comes to video walls, right? The bigger the array the better the resolution and visibility from a distance and the more sources that can be displayed simultaneously. So what do we mean, exactly? Well, whenever you group traditional LCD displays together in a video wall array, the bigger you get, the noisier your video wall becomes, and the hotter it gets–leading to quicker display fatigue and failure. To avoid these unwanted side effects of going big, Planar Systems, of Beaverton, Oregon, has, in its Clarity Matrix Video Wall Systems with G2 Architecture, ingeniously stripped the power supplies and video processors from their LCD displays – moving the majority of the heat and noise away from the array itself and creating a host of other benefits that make the slimmed down systems more effective than others.



Off-Board Processors and Power Supplies

The G2 Architecture of the Clarity Matrix separates the power supplies and video processors from the LCD displays, resulting in a host of desirable outcomes:

ispace-planar-clarity-matrix-easyaxis-mounting-system-300x253Thinner: 3.6″ depth from front of screen to back of mount – makes it ADA compliant for public spaces. The system does NOT need to be built into a wall cavity to save space.

Cooler: Remote processors and power supplies ensure cool operating temperatures and prevent the entire array from over-heating – resulting in longer life span for fan-less displays.

Quieter: The hum of the processors and power supplies can be confined to remote storage spaces.

Lighter: With the processing and power supply gear stowed neatly away from the screens, installing the lighter LCD panels is a snap. The Easy Axis™ Mounting System included provides easy cable access and precise display alignment – plus it reduces the space needed above the displays for servicing.

Easier: The Clarity Matrix power supply and processor rack connects to the display array by standard Cat 6 and power cables and can be co-located with source devices and other processors in remote locations up to 500 ft. from the display, making regular maintenance of the components a breeze. Plus, there is no need to add new power outlets immediately behind the displays.

More Secure: The component rack can be located in remote, secure locations

Performance and Options

Sure all of these benefits sound good, but how does the Planar Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture perform? At the time of publishing this post, our demo 2×2 array with 55″ displays has been looping 4K content nearly 24-7 to rave reviews. Here are more details:

Available Sizes: Clarity Matrix with G2 Archiecture is available in 46″ and 55″ LCD display sizes with two brightness levels available. 60″ high-brightness LED models are also available. Power supply modules drive from 3-6 displays each while Quad Controller Video Processor Modules drive up to 4 panels each.

Touch Screens: Turn-key modular touch kit adds interactivity and collaboration options – with choice of 6 or 32 simultaneous touch points.

3D: Spectacular Clarity Matrix 3D available for professional 3D visualization applications.

Big Picture Plus Processing: Planar’s Big Picture Plus processing is built into Clarity Matrix and allows sources to be scaled across the entire video wall or any section of the video wall. Position sensors built into the LCD save hours of set-up. 4k content can be spread over multiple displays at native resolution.

Mission Critical Design: Redundant power supplies, reduced thermal stress and status monitoring capabilities ensure mission-critical performance. SNMP LAN control, extra TIR prevention and ambient light sensing extend the life of the array.

Thin Bezel: Tiled bezel width as small as 3.7 mm ensures nearly seamless display.

Protective Glass Option: Optically-bonded, vandal-resistant protective glass can be installed for increased ruggedness and durability.

Integrator Connectivity: Modules for Clarity Matrix video walls for AMX, Crestron and Savant reduce installation time and costs.


We’ve got a Planar Clarity Matrix in video wall our showroom! Contact your iSpace account manager or email us if you would like to have a look.