Lessons for Leaders – iSpace in Minnesota Business Magazine

Ideas Worth Noting

iSpace Furniture’s Joel Peterson, Aaron Eggert, and the iSpace showroom were featured in a professional development article in the June, 2016 edition of Minnesota Business. The story focuses on the importance of flexible workplaces that support collaboration and changing work styles; adapting layouts and furnishings to attract, support and retain talent; and how the iSpace showroom is an ever-evolving demonstration of smart workspace solutions that aim to always stay in front of the trends. The article finished with some great take-aways:

Lessons in Office Design

  1. Design for the employees you will have as well as the ones you have now.
  2. Focus on tasks and collaboration to determine private vs. open spaces.
  3. Choose adaptive and mobile furniture to support technology choices and workflow.
  4. Beautiful spaces are important for recruitment and retention.
  5. Consider the lifestyle and stage of employees. Enhance the space to support personal needs and interest as well as creativity.
  6. Work with a designer and installer to make the best use of smaller spaces.



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