Meeting Room Rental

Our Space is Your Space

Our space is your space…well, almost. We offer opportunities to rent fully-equipped meeting rooms that serve as an extension to wherever you call “office.” Our accommodations make a variety of resources available to you including various AV connections and seating for up to 8 guests.


We deliver a clean, technology-ready room including an interactive whiteboard, a digital touch screen display, audio/video conferencing capabilities and a variety of connection methods. A fifteen minute window is included before your scheduled time to allow for set up.

Whether you are holding a meeting or stationing yourself for a focused task, our technical support team provides a brief introduction to the room technology so that you are empowered to run the meeting your way.

We find that meetings are best held in a lively setting. That said, we bring a little life to every room rental complete with a fresh floral arrangement, snacks and the opportunity for catering.

Rental Rates & Inquiries

HOURLY: $200 | FULL DAY: $1,440

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