Mitigating Noise with Acoustic Wall Solutions

Wall-to-Wall Sound Absorbing Goodness

As organizations continue to blend open work areas and collaboration spaces into their floor plans, privacy (or the lack-there-of) has become a major focus. Sound absorbing polyester PET felt – available in a plethora of colors, thicknesses and designs – has emerged as a soft and versatile acoustic wall treatment solution.

Wall or Nothing

Hard surfaces abound in the workplace. Wall-mounted felt panels and tiles are a welcome baffle to the reflective nature of stone floors and exposed brick walls. A host of solutions from our friends at TURF and MPS provide options that can be both acoustically effective and visually in-tune with the tone of a space. Solid panels in myriad colors can provide floor to ceiling coverage for noise cancellation in conference rooms, privacy phone booths or media recording spaces. Angular-cut, carved and graphic-printed tiles can be designed and assembled to be both acoustically and visually effective.

Hanging Out

In open areas, acoustic privacy panels can be a smart (and expedient) solution to add privacy and provide often missing space division. Available in a wide variety of pre-cut or custom-cut patterns, panels can be hung from virtually any interior ceiling surface via standard cable systems or installed on flow track systems to allow panels to be independently adjusted in the space.


Looking for a more visually striking wall treatment? Custom-printed interior wall graphics can be a focal point that really WOWs the visitor – or a strategic brand design element bringing powerful messaging to a space.  Your imagination is the only limit here – and there are options like TURF’s Graphic Wall, that add significant acoustic sound absorbing value as well. Graphic Wall is like other custom wall graphics, except it is printed on 9mm PET felt which allows for NRC up to 0.25. Panels can be assembled across wide expanses of wall, specified with adhesive backing for simple installation, and are easy to clean.

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