More Than Just a Soundbar – Leon Speakers


More than Just a Soundbar

Our first offerings in this treasure trove of stealth speaker systems are from our friends at Leon Speakers who are mentioned multiple times in this post, for good reason: they are awesome.

When a spartan collaboration space calls for a flat screen display, but also needs quality audio, rather than relying on often-limited built-in display speakers, installing ceiling speakers, or mounting speakers to walls, a “sound bar” mounted below the display provides a straight-forward speaker solution requiring limited cabling.

But, when a space needs to avoid the clutter of another device in the room, and also needs a video conferencing camera (or three) – or even storage space for other meeting technologies and controllers – the Leon Horizon, Interactive and Interactive Fit Sound Bars are in a class by themselves.

Leon Horizon Sound Bars mount flush with the bottom of the display and are handcrafted and custom-tailored to match the exact width and finish of any TV. Screens and multiple speaker configurations are available for a wide variety of unique environments.

Leon’s Interactive Soundbars provide similar visual and speaker customization options but are optimized for video conferencing and collaboration. The Horizon Interactive comes sized and finished to fit your display, but adds space for a PTZ video conferencing camera.

The Interactive Fit is made in multiple sizes and adds customizable storage space for any small form factor AV components like webcams, mini PCs, Apple TVs, or small amplifiers.

Vertical models are also available.

When a space demands quality audio, and visual restraint is in order, a Leon Soundbar is fit for the task.