NeoCon Discoveries 2019

Now in it’s 50th year, NeoCon remains THE BEST place to hunt for what’s new – and smart – in workplace furnishings and design. As we scoured The Mart we unearthed some surprising and some not-so-surprising gems. Here are a few…

Teknion, LUUM and StudioTK Strike GOLD!

Nine products from Teknion, LUUM Textiles and StudioTK took home TEN NeoCon awards/honors. Teknion’s new Bene Box was awarded a NeoCon Innovation Award – and a Metropolis Likes Award; and Teknion’s Tek Vue architectural walls won Best of Show Gold.


Enclosures, tiny houses, and other creative structures abound in the quest for quiet repose and privacy in open spaces.

One outstanding option in this field isĀ Teknion’s new Tek Booth which provides acoustic privacy, an extensive collection of finishes and a finely-tuned interior that adjusts ventilation and lighting levels upon entry.

Boutique Color Matching Across Surfaces

With so many combinations of materials being used in new products – and so many inviting color palettes being deployed – NeoCon manufacturers are mastering processes to achieve consistent colors across wood, metal, laminate, veneers, upholstered and other surfaces. Teknion’s new Emote Collection for Private Offices utilizes a wider palette of finish colors and textures that can be coordinated across furnishings.

Great Outdoors

The Outdoor Furniture Showrooms on Floors 14 and 15 were buzzing with traffic at NeoCon this year as workplaces take advantage of exterior spaces for collaboration, socializing and focus. Just in case you didn’t even realize Floors 14 and 15 existed at The Merchandise Mart, we brought back some snapshots.

Focus on Color, Design and Textures

The fine details and subtle design choices of product designers can make new products shine or flop. In our NeoCon 2019 In-Focus gallery we zoom in on some of our favorites.