People-Centric Video Collaboration with Polycom RealPresence Centro

Face-to-Face Collaboration

The idea of the traditional conference room where collaborators sit around a boat-shaped table has been around for hundreds or even thousands of years. There is a definite advantage to sitting face-to-face for effective communication. When video conferencing and presentation technology is added into typical collaboration spaces like these, usually by adding far-end participants, shared content and camera to the end of the table, the equality and ease of communication can be thrown out of balance. Communication and collaboration is no longer explicitly face-to-face and can be decidedly less effective. Polycom’s RealPresence Centro aims to return that direct, face-to-face interaction to modern collaboration spaces enabled by video conferencing and presentation technology by bringing far-end participants and shared content into the center of the action.



Central Placement – By mounting a smart 360° video camera and series of touch-enabled displays in a central “hub” the Polycom RealPresence Centro allows meeting participants gathered in the room to keep their attention on each other and far-end participants with a simple glance rather than needing to turn away from each other to view the display. Participants in the room can sit, stand or walk around the room without worrying if they are still on camera.

Eye Contact – The system senses active speakers, adjusting camera focus, plus all participants in the room can appear in a panoramic views allowing for consistent eye contact and focus for all in the meeting.

Audio Quality – Integrated microphones capture audio from anywhere in the room while powered speakers ensure all in the room can hear every nuance of voice inflection on the far-end.


Intuitive User Interface – Tight integration with Microsoft Outlook and simple, easy-to-find interface on touch-enabled displays allow for intuitive invitation and session controls.

Works with Modern Collaboration Spaces – As comfort in longer collaboration sessions is a key to productivity, Centro can be positioned anywhere collaboration happens, using existing furnishings. Simply wheel into the space via integrated casters, connect to power and ethernet and go.

Sharing – Polycom SmartPairing and People+Content IP apps allow all gathered around Centro to share, annotate and save content via wired or wireless connections. Annotate right on the integrated displays of the hub. Centro also supports optional external, touch-enabled content displays.

Interoperability – Centro supports open, standards-based interoperability and is compatible with both current and emerging communication systems.




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