Planar Transparent LookThru OLED Display

Creating innovative displays and interesting visual applications is often left to the masters of technology and engineering design.  Mostly because they create amazing solutions like the Planar LookThru Transparent OLED Display.

Highlighted by iSpace Environments at the Minnesota Government IT Symposium in December 2019, customers got a first glance at this beautiful and innovative solution.  With shockingly perfect visual quality, consumers can see through the display that can highlight video, text or static images while seeing through to spaces beyond.  This attribute makes it ideal for retail, museum and corporate applications, or active signage.

“It is the quality of glass that provides the enhanced durability and optics.  It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before,” mentions Wayne Lusthoff II, iSpace Environments’ top technology sales member, to customers viewing the product at the Symposium. “Yes, its not something that would be installed throughout a facility, but some specific applications could be extremely useful.”

Planar LookThru OLED displays are available in 55″ models, with tabletop, straight-mount and ceiling mount configurations. A selection of accessories allow for screen tiling to create transparent video walls or boxes ideal for retail and museum settings. This state-of-the-art solution keeps everyone wondering what technologies will be available tomorrow… and beyond. 

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