Pre-Owned Office Furniture – Four Reasons Why

PRE-OWNED FURNITURE is the next step for cost-conscious, eco-conscious, rapid-response, functionality-focused office furniture procurement.

From cars to houses, sporting equipment to garage tools, we all do it. We look for the deal. So long as the product is in great shape & the headache is minimized, we will buy used. It feels good on the bank account. It feels like you have gotten better bang for your buck. Outfitting the corporate office with furniture can be an arduous task but as a business leader, you can consider used product as a solution that aligns with your business goals.

1. You Are Budget Conscious

Let’s face it, new contract grade office furniture can be a huge withdrawal from the capital improvements piggy bank. Changes in the market and your business may require a reset of your office environment to keep things operating at its best and it is likely there was not a line item in the budget to make these changes. Pre-owned furniture for your workstations, offices, conference, and public spaces can help keep costs down (50-60% less than new) while still providing the workspace you need.

2. You Are Eco-Conscious

According to the EPA, over 9 million tons (or 17 billion pounds) of office furniture goes into landfills every year – and that number continues to accelerate annually. To divert even a tiny percent of that, iSpace offers decommissioning services to our customers. We remove excess furniture and recycle or re-purpose as many items as possible. As the purchaser of pre-owned products, you are being an eco-conscious consumer.

3. You Need Product Quickly

You have got a business to run! Evaluating vendors and manufactures takes time you just do not have. We make it easy! Reach out to an account executive at iSpace and they will help align your needs to our inventory of pre-owned products. They will engage our in-house designer for layouts and then coordinate installation services with our in-house field crew. Inventory of pre-owned products is stored at our Minnesota warehouse and can be installed in your space in about 30 days and we can also access pre-owned inventories from our network around the country.

4. You Are Focused on Function

You need to outfit a work environment with functional products to meet the fundamental needs of your staff. Pre-owned furniture comes with set, highly functional layouts. However, considerations for the wellness of your employees is not limited to the existing layout. Simply adding in ergonomic tools like monitor arms, height adjustable table bases and adjustable task seating can make these pre-owned assets feel just like new.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • “The condition of all the workstations were like new and we saved a significant amount of money when we compared to buying new furniture.  All our employees love the functionality and aesthetics of the workstations.”

  • “The team at iSpace knew their inventory well and made this process easy.”

  • “When we were ready to buy new furniture products and develop our corporate standard, iSpace stepped in to help us decommission our old furniture. Some of the product was donated to a non-profit and some was purchased by a start-up company. We felt like iSpace helped us do our part for the community and the planet.”

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