Product Spotlight – Senator Ad-Lib Work Lounge

The Most Capable and Comfortable Collaboration Chair Ever?

The Senator Group describes the Ad-Lib Work Lounge simply as a multi-purpose chair developed to facilitate breakout sessions and collaborative working. Designers PearsonLloyd of East London go a little further noting that the chair has been designed as “a unique solution to enable movement, flexibility and teamwork, breaking away from the static environments of traditional work settings.”

Since we brought a set of these multi-purpose wonders for our Pantages Meeting Room, we have been blown away by both their truly unique design and how comfortable they are. The Pantages has quickly become the most popular spot in our showroom for impromptu meetings and collaboration sessions.

What makes the Ad-Lib Work Lounge so special?

Comfortable Without Being Too Comfortable – As the name implies, the Work Lounge rides the line between soft seating and meeting room chair. While the finish is soft, and the available headrest adjustable, seated position in the chair isn’t so reclined and upholstery so over-stuffed that it induces the sleepies. Significant lumbar support, a smooth-spinning base and castors (optional) encourage “active sitting” and help to keep inhabitants alert.

360 Work Surface – The uniquely designed stow-away 360 desktop is sized right and has smart mechanics that allow the work surface to adjust in many ways–including being stowed completely behind the back of the chair. Like the work surface on the Ad-Lib Scholar Chair the desktop can be positioned in front for writing or device, twisted and used as a side table, or pushed around and hidden out-of-site effortlessly. Unlike other classroom chairs with less capable or fixed work surfaces, the desktop of the Ad-Lib Work Lounge is never in-the-way.

Mobile – PearsonLloyd made a point to limit the overall size and weight of these chairs to make them functional in a variety of situations and light enough to move at will. From lobby to meeting room to huddle space, with optional casters in place, the Ad-Lib Work Lounge can be moved just about anywhere in a workspace.

Part of Senator’s Ad-Lib family, the Ad-Lib Work Lounge comes in a select collection of colors (custom finishes available), with gliders or casters, and with or without the adjustable headrest. Check out these images from the Ad-Lib line.

Try Senator Ad-Lib Work Lounge Chairs Now at iSpace Furniture

iSpace Furniture has a set of Senator Ad-Lib Work Lounge multi-purpose chairs in our showroom. Contact your iSpace account manager or email us if you would like to take a closer look and give them a try.