Zones, a Framework for Workstyle

Teknion Zones supports the dynamics among people in a workplace by planning for different workstyles. It is a framework that isn’t just about fitting modern collaborative office furniture into a floorplate, but rather providing opportunities for focus, collaboration and workshops throughout the entirety of the environment.


Whether the task is to write, read emails or reflect, Zones provides hubs for concentration within a dynamic floorplate. Zones enclosures can be configured in a variety of personal or shared spaces depending on the activities that take place in your work environment.

A variety of tables and enclosures allow teams to meet in a comfortable environment that takes cues from domestic or residential settings.

Project spaces are highly supported by many configurations of tables and seating while incorporating a variety of tools like easels and whiteboards for space definition and co-creation.


Zones Planning

Zones provide a framework that supports the free flow of thought, the dynamics among people from which creativity arises.