Trends in Audio/Video Conferencing & Phone Systems

The modern workplace is no longer defined by physical boundaries, it’s shaped by our ability to reach beyond. Technology has adapted, making the opportunity to connect remotely with people far more possible. Audio and video conferencing technologies and updates in phone systems allow for communication with participants both inside and outside of the office, whether stationary or on the go.


Conferencing in a traditional sense is here to stay, for a while anyway. Face-to-face collaboration, however, has gained an entirely new element in Audio & Video capabilities which allows enclosed meeting rooms to promise on quality sound, visuals and functionality. It is the trusted way to communicate and collaborate with participants inside and outside the workplace.

Featured product: Crestron

Bring your own device isn’t just a catch phrase. In modern workplaces it’s expected. Solutions to flexible workplaces mean a seamless transition from individual workstation to meeting space and everywhere in between. Solutions include intuitive products and simple interfaces.

Featured product: Biamp Devio

Being “on the go” is common in many work situations. With mobile solutions you can make any location your office–including the corner coffee shop or the hotel lobby. Wherever you choose to work won’t define your ability to connect.