Trends in Room Control & Programming

The fewer variables you have to consider when starting your meeting, the better. With the right room controls and room scheduling system you enable people to accomplish daily tasks with greater efficiency and confidence.


Intuitive room controls allow meetings to start faster and save an organization time and money in the long run. A keypad, touch screen or room sensor can make all the difference in keeping up with a busy meeting schedule.

Consider the room scheduler a cure for the headache of meeting room battles. With the right software in place for scheduling and analytics, there will never be confusion regarding which meeting room is available. Analytics can inform a whole new set of data that can enable workplaces to run ahead of schedule.

Featured product: Crestron Room Scheduler

As generations of workers continue to evolve, expectations for comfort evolve with them. Automation is possible in many forms including opportunities to power on/off an entire room, control window shades, adjust light and temperature, and initiate retracting room dividers. A glimpse into the future tells us that this will some day be voice activated.

Featured product: QMotion Automated Shades