Dahl Honda | Fresh Dealership Location

Dahl Automotive, Gries Architectural & iSpace Environments unite again to launch Dahl Honda in Onalaska, Wisconsin.

Dahl Automotive, founded in 1911, continues to expand their dealership presence along the Minnesota/Wisconsin border, opening the Dahl Honda dealership in Onalaska, Wisconsin. Reuniting with Gries Architectural for the design of a new building and iSpace Environments for interior furniture & custom millwork applications, they have opened for business in the summer of 2020.

Mark Drach, iSpace Environments Retail Sales, recalls the longstanding relationship with Dahl Automotive, having completed 7 dealership locations along with their Holmen, WI headquarters in 2018.

“They are a really great family looking to continue their legacy of being a trusted auto retailer.” Drach continues, “partnering with the team at Dahl comes naturally to us but we still take the time at the beginning of each project to determine the specific business needs and unique features of each location.”

Unique solutions required for this dealership location included a customized service counter with top-opening tambour-door filing solutions and specialized key storage compartments. Stephanie Serre, iSpace Environments Retail Designer, works closely with the dealership team to assure furniture, finishes and equipment specifications will be approved by the auto manufacturer, Honda.

“The greatest challenge for us was to balance the manufacturer brand requirements with the needs of the Dahl team. It’s a delicate balance to make the budget, aesthetic desires and functional needs all come together.”

Though construction and installation occurred during the pandemic closures, the project experienced almost no delays. “The strong partnerships we have with manufacturers and millwork fabricators helped to keep everything on track,” shares Deb Rhody, iSpace Environments Retail Project Manager. “We do everything to keep projects on schedule to meet the customers opening date.”

Dahl Automotive (Dahl Honda)
Onalaska, WI


Architect: Gries Architectural Group
General Contractor: Wieser Brothers General Contractor

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