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Eide Bailly is a respected accounting firm with locations across America. Their growing Mankato office recently relocated to two floors in the Eide Bailly Center, a new development in the flourishing downtown core–with furniture and technology provided by iSpace Environments.

Starting from a brand-new, empty floorplate, the Eide Bailly team was able to work with ISG, RW Carlstrom and iSpace to design an office that provided comfortable client spaces, a variety of open and private work spaces, and amenity areas to attract and retain their talented workforce.

Much of the core square footage of both floors is comprised of Teknion District workstations with Navigate height adjustable desks. The 58″ high panels between adjacent workstations are faced in blue and grey and topped by frosted glass to allow natural light and a modicum of privacy. Further separation is provided by storage towers between desks and wrap-around screens that raise and lower along with the powered desktops.

Private offices around the perimeter are outfitted with Teknion Expansion desk systems that feature height-adjustability for the entire L-shaped worktop. In many of these offices, the side return smartly integrates into the storage credenza, providing significant work area whether sitting or standing. SitOnIt task chairs are used in both workstations and the private offices–where SitOnIt Focus guest seating allows for ad hoc collaboration.

Teknion Leverage Storage is used at multiple printer stations positioned around the space.

A collection of conference rooms enabled by iSpace technologies are smartly positioned around the office for both guest meetings and team interaction. Teknion Expansion meeting tables–including trapezoidal models optimized for video conferencing–are all integrated with power and device connectivity cubbies. In the conference rooms Global Accord conference chairs are comfortable while providing a handsome first impression. Guests are welcomed in the lobby area by generous Arcadia Uptown Social soft seating.

The kitchen cafe area and break room feature Teknion Banqs, Nami Stools & Chairs, StudioTK Spectrum sofas, and Spec Endzone tables–a healthy combination of options for dining, downtime or casual collaboration.


Eide Bailly
Mankato, MN

Square Footage: 23,000


Architect: ISG
General Contractor: RW Carlstrom

Featured Products:
Teknion District Panel System
Teknion Navigate Height Adjustable Desks
Teknion Expansion L-Shaped Height Adjustable Desks
SitOnIt Novo Task Chairs and Focus Guest Seating
Spec Endzone Tables
Teknion Nami Stools & Chairs
StudioTK Spectrum Sofa
Teknion Banqs
Arcadia Uptown Social Soft Seating
Teknion Expansion Meeting Tables
Global Accord Conference Seating

Integrated Power & AV Connectivity
Logictech Videoconferencing