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Photo credit: Bethany Price / iSpace Environments

Irish Titan
St. Louis Park, MN

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With a philosophy of “Business First. Online Second.” – Irish Titan is the kind of organization that has clear objectives, is 100% committed to their work and isn’t afraid to tap into originality. This explains why their space reflects that of a Titan. These modern day digital gods/goddesses merit a space that is adaptable, bold, and downright inspiring.

So why did we get the opportunity to partner with Irish Titan to refresh the furniture in their new space?

As you would expect, Titans tend to outgrow their surroundings and finding the right blend between function and feeling became the driving factors for their Irish updates.



The team of digital strategists, designers, and developers along with their sales and support staff totaling about 41 (having grown significantly since their start in 2004) persons opted for a collaborative environment, one that contrasted the private cubicles they previously utilized and one that they could help shape, and reshape every day. 

What did we do to help transform their space?

Working with Irish Titan meant delivering an environment that softened the industrial nature of their building, acknowledged their need for constant change, and provided moments to engage. Soft (sometimes interactive – ask them about their Cinderella chairs) seating was used in collaborative settings, open office desking with height adjustability provided flexibility at workstations and specialty rooms were set aside to host comfortable and casual meetings. In-between settings were outfitted with re-configurable furniture giving Irish Titan worker’s the license to modify space to meet the work-style of the moment. The final touch of vibrant upholstery and a variety of shapes brought full circle the already energetic culture of Irish Titan. And when we say “energetic,” we mean it because, let’s be honest, not every agency gets to have a “Bat-Pole” in their office!