ISG, Open and Connected

Photo credit: Aaron Smith / Smitty’s Workshop

Bloomington, MN

ISG, Varley Construction

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Architects take their job seriously, which makes it no surprise that the team members at ISG spend the majority of their day tethered to a desk. Lucky for them, height adjustability can solve the battle of workplace back pain. Each workstation is outfitted with Teknion Livello, giving the user a range of options from seated to standing height while spending many hours a day at their desk. This same principle of wellness is evident in many of the decisions that fueled this ISG workplace design. With demountable glass walls lining their private offices and corridor, ISG has achieved the coveted feelings of both openness and connectedness while allowing light to bounce throughout their corridors. A unique feature that enhances that open feeling are the 3-way glass connection points at each office where it appears that the weight of the wall has been lifted to each adjoining office. Moments for both planned and incidental collaboration pop-up throughout the space in the form of a lounge or other more focused team areas. While lounging at work is not typically well received, fear not, power modules and tablet arms are strategically integrated into each collaboration space ensuring that workers have choice to move about and be productive at any location in the office. This example of delivering a more sustainable and well balanced workplace is just what we aim to achieve for all of our clients. A place that employees choose to work.