Minnesota Children’s Museum, The Power of Play-ful Design

Photo credit: Bethany Price / iSpace Environments

Minnesota Children’s Museum
St. Paul, MN

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Teknion, Sit On It

When the words “Power of Play” happen to define the nature of your project, you can’t help but be a little giddy to tap into your inner child for inspiration. That’s exactly what iSpace did to imagine a new environment for Minnesota Children’s Museum that represented the curious minds of their youthful patrons.

Two things were evident when the partnership to outfit their new office interior began; A sense of both community and energy would fuel the design. iSpace Environments helped the team imagine furnishings for their workers that would reflect an active environment reminiscent of the children’s minds they help to expand every day.

If the end result resembles a colorful exotic shoreline or a tight-knit Italian village, than you might see what we see; A space that offers dimension and vibrancy, a space that promotes community and a space that simply makes you feel a little happier. Beyond workstations, iSpace strategically placed soft seating and accent furniture to identify and encourage areas for focus, socializing and collaboration. 

Through the use of layered furniture, colorfully upholstered panels, and a combination of materials that feel light and airy – iSpace successfully furnished a workplace true to the playful mission of the organization.