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International Savvy

From our headquarters in Minneapolis our experienced team has built a reputation as a trusted partner on international projects. With 60 offices across the globe, Piper Sander continues to turn to iSpace Environments as an adept collaborator thriving in projects involving diverse teams and logistics stretched across continents.

The address of this lovely new Piper Sandler office is 2 Gresham St., London–just a few blocks from St. Paul’s Cathedral and River Thames. iSpace and Teknion UK contributed workstation, private office, conference room, cafe and ancillary furniture–plus glassboards, monitor arms and ergonomic accessories across the 19,000 sq. ft. office that wraps around a light-filled central atrium.

iSpace’s penchant for planning and our partnership with Teknion UK, paid dividends on this project. Smaller European workspace dimensions and raised access floor cabling requirements, in particular, were successfully translated through scrutiny of the drawings on the front-end. Use of London warehouse space allowed for timely delivery and install of a dynamic collection of products across a challenging construction timeline.

All-in-all, despite the distance and multiple time zones, Piper Sandler knows they can trust the iSpace Environments and Teknion UK team to provide insightful, seamless service from start to finish.

Whether your next move is across town or across the globe, you can trust iSpace Environments as a reliable, resourceful partner for workplace architectural products, furniture and technology.  Contact our Director of Sales, Dan White, to learn more. 

Piper Sandler
London, UK

Piper Sandler
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