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Smiths Medical
Plymouth, MN

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Revolabs FLX UC 1000
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Barco ClickShare Wireless Presentation
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Smiths Medical is an innovative manufacturer of medical devices with more than 7,500 employees worldwide and roughly 850 in Minnesota. When Smiths leadership decided to consolidate operations and move to a new corporate headquarters in Plymouth, MN, they envisioned a collaborative workplace where technology enabled their employees–particularly their R&D teams–to communicate effortlessly and be boldly creative.


To ensure a well spent technology budget, Smiths Medical looked to MSpace to envision a complete audio-visual solution for communication and collaboration systems that would enable their teams facility-wide to be interconnected.  The MDesign team at MSpace began by facilitating a listening exercise with leadership and employees at Smiths Medical to gather insight regarding project requirements and goals for the facility. MSpace then identified smart solutions, developed floorplans and identified equipment needs to produce an RFP for other bidders to reciprocate. Ultimately, MSpace successfully designed and produced an AV solution that has set Smiths Medical up for a future undefined by four walls and allows them to be connected globally.

Project Highlights

The winning proposal from MSpace was implemented in multiple phases as Smiths built-out their workspaces across four floors in their new building and created an interconnected set of meeting, project and training spaces where teams easily connect with remote collaborators by audio and video conferencing and utilize interactive PC’s and wireless and wired systems for presentation and BYOD content sharing.

Huddle & Small Project Spaces – A series of small meeting rooms are simply equipped with (SIP/USB) conference phones for impromptu audio and Lync calls. Some rooms accommodate a flat screen display with plug-and-play controls and in-table cable ports for presentation capabilities. Products Featured: Revolabs FLX UC 1000, Crestron, Extron

Conference Rooms – Large meeting spaces are equipped with visual components including HD video cameras, multiple flat screen displays and interactive PC’s. Audio solutions include integrated speaker systems with ceiling m

icrophones for superior quality. All systems are simply controlled from a touch screen panel providing an easy user experience. Products Featured: Vaddio Roboshot, Crestron, Biamp, ClearOne

Training Room – A flexible classroom space features powered, mobile learning tables allowing for easy reconfiguration. An interactive PC with an HD video camera help to capture sessions for future reference or for live Lync trainings while the integrated ceiling microphones and speakers and wireless microphone are controlled using touch panels. Products Featured: Crestron, Sharp, Biamp, ClearOne

Presentation Room – The Polycom/Lync video-enabled training & presentation room is suited with multiple cameras, integrated speakers and microphones that allow for full collaboration from any seat in the room. The full system boasts eight zones of speakers and 37 table microphones with 2 podium microphones, and two wireless microphones. This set up is ideal for both speeches and audio/video calls. Presentations can be controlled from the dedicated PC, podium connections and floor box laptop connections or Clickshare technology which allows multiple users to transfer control throughout the presentation wirelessly. Two cameras are strategically placed within the room for video calls, with one of them dually functioning as a ceiling document camera.

Clinical Room – A unique conference room, equipped with multiple cameras, Lync connectivity, integrated ceiling microphones and speakers, a flat screen display and an interactive PC. Hospital furnishings and systems are strategically positioned to view video demonstrations of Smiths Medical devices.

Board Room – The remarkable executive space which features a retractable projector serves as a space for both audio and Lync video conferencing. An integrated computer along with wireless Clickshare options and in-table hardware make for multiple ways to communicate and present. Motorized window treatments compliment the sophisticated room applications which are also controlled by an intuitive touch screen or iPad application. Products Featured: Barco, Crestron, NEC, Da-Lite, Extron, Biamp

Cafeteria – 80″ flat panel displays line the cafeteria walls with access to cable tv and custom company content via Tightrope Carousel, while multi-zone ceiling speakers ensure that sound is carried throughout the space. Digital signs receive a constant feed of content and can be easily converted using the media switcher to other laptop content via HDMI or VGA plugs. Equipped with wireless microphones, the space can also double as a company-wide meeting and gathering space. Products Featured: Crestron, Sharp, Shure