SVL | Strategic Move

CONGRATULATIONS to Vela Creative whose work on this project was awarded a 2019 IIDA Northland FAB Award for Workplace Design.

SVL, Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative for HVAC systems with more than 50 years of experience providing engineering and service expertise across a range of industry-leading product lines. Since their inception in 1967, the company has continued to innovate and grow strategically–adding new business offerings, expanding their facilities, and moving their operations to support their growing engineering, sales and service teams.

The partnership between SVL and iSpace Environments began as SVL was looking to update their furnishings in their main facilities in Shoreview, MN. During early, exploratory meetings the idea of re-configuring the overall floorplate was discussed as a means of better organizing and optimizing their operations.

Ultimately, SVL purchased a new space that would provide more of a blank slate for the design of a workspace that would better fit their growth plans. Teknion demountable walls were identified as a smart way to incorporate private offices and other meeting spaces into the plan while limiting the amount of traditional construction needed.

The result is a night-and-day (and award-winning) transformation. The glass of Teknion Altos and Optos walls used in training, office and collaboration areas allows the space to be filled with light while providing acoustic separation. Teknion Leverage workstations outfitted with height-adjustable desks and divider storage bridges offer an added degree of privacy in the open work areas. Soft seating in areas adjacent to offices allows for conversation and ad hoc collaboration. Lounge and cafe areas handsomely blend iSpace tables and chairs with custom-designed elements and cabinetry.

In this strategic move SVL created a strikingly beautiful, modern workspace that welcomes their customers and partners and positions their company for future growth and retention of their talented teams.

Client: SVL, Inc.

Location: Roseville, MN

Office SF: 26,000


Architect: KR Design
Design: Vela Creative
General Contractor: Mission Construction

Featured Products:

Teknion Altos and Optos Architectural Walls, Height Adjustable Teknion Leverage Workstations, SitOnIt Task Chairs, Teknion Training Tables, Ancillary Furniture by Keilhauer, Davis, Allermuir/Senator, Grand Rapids Chair